June 15, 2023

Cultivating Seeds of Growth

Brazil’s Amazonian communities have a long and proud tradition of cultivating and planting new trees. We also embrace this tradition at our Juruti mine site, where many of the trees planted in our land rehabilitation program are grown in small garden plots owned by local families. The seedlings provide vital social and economic benefits to the community while helping to sustain the beautiful natural environment.

“This program contributes to community knowledge about the forest and the importance of its restoration,” said participant Cleide Matos Xavier. “It is also an important source of income. I have been investing the money in education for me and my children and on making improvements to my house. It is very pleasant participating in this program, and I enjoy working with other women to restore the forest together.”

Since the mine first opened in 2009, Alcoa employees have worked with four local community associations to select families that cultivate and plant trees for the mine rehabilitation efforts. To maintain harmony with the existing ecosystems, the families only grow native species that provide food, timber and other ecosystem services.

Around 90 families have participated in the program, receiving training on producing and planting the seedlings that Alcoa provides. Each family in the program earns 7,333 reals annually, which is nearly half the region’s average per capita income of 15,624 reals.

In addition to restoring precious natural forests, the program is a source of female empowerment. Women comprise 85 percent of the participants who grow the seedlings and 35 percent of those who plant them. Alcoa plans to continue supporting this program to drive continued progress in the future.