Supplier Standards

We look for partners who share our values and commitment to sustainability. Our Supplier Standards set expectations for working with us and is part of all of our agreements. These standards have been reviewed and updated as of January 2021.


Ethics and Compliance Code of Conduct

Our company-wide Ethics and Compliance Program is a tool we use to ensure we’re acting with integrity, an Alcoan core value.

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Doing Business with Alcoa as a Supplier

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Key Processes and Systems


Getting selected to do business with Alcoa


Agreeing a contract or purchase order with Alcoa


Requirements for services provided onsite at Alcoa

  • Health and Safety Policy
  • Safety qualification process
  • Contractor Management System


Receiving purchase orders and getting paid by Alcoa

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Regional Supplier Information

General Terms and Conditions for all European Locations except Hungary
Revision Date: 03/02/2020

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase for Suppliers of Alcoa locations in Hungary
Revision Date: 03/20/2020

Supplier Sustainability Program

Alcoa is recognized as one of the world's most ethical and sustainable companies. Sustainability within our procurement function means selecting materials and services that consider environmental, social and economic impacts in evaluating total cost.

We seek to build relationships with suppliers who operate in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Our process in evaluating prospective suppliers includes the following:

Alcoa has two global third-party sustainability and governance assessment partners: Trace International and EcoVadis.

Trace International is Alcoa’s Supplier Due-Diligence Assessment partner. All suppliers are encouraged to acquire a TRAC profile with Trace International. Select suppliers will be required to obtain a TRAC profile based on their operating country and commodity.

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EcoVadis is Alcoa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) partner

EcoVadis’ IQ predictive intelligence identifies sustainability risks across Alcoa’s supply chain. The IQ solution provides insights and recommendations for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks. We use this information to improve processes and procedures with suppliers and their supply chains.

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As part of Alcoa’s continuing commitment to sustainability, we periodically request suppliers to complete third party audits.

EcoVadis’ Sustainability Rating is an evidence-based assessment and adapted to hundreds of business categories. It takes into account relevant industry labels and certifications as well as local laws in 150 countries. It is aligned with global standards including the UN Global Compact.

Suppliers are scored and monitored based on publicly available data, country risk, commodity risk and supplier specific questionnaires. The final scorecard reflects CSR performance at the time of publication and details how to improve performance. Alcoa also offers suppliers access to online corrective action plans.

All Suppliers are encouraged to obtain an EcoVadis rating. This important step initiates a journey in understanding CSR performance and identifying improvement plans.

EcoVadis ratings may be used in our supplier selection process. Select Suppliers will be requested to obtain an Ecovadis rating, and subject to their score, will be asked to make improvements.

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Alcoa will periodically request suppliers to reassess ESG risks and CSR performance.

Reassessment identifies if any changes have occurred that would influence a suppliers’ scorecard. A reassessment also supports the measurement of a suppliers’ performance against contractual key performance objectives and strategic goals (if applicable).

Alcoa’s goal is for all our suppliers to improve their scorecard ratings over time.

Supplier Information Booklets