April 13, 2021

A Drive for Safety

Brazil Elite DriverHauling bauxite ore through mountainous terrain is a critical safety risk for our Poços de Caldas mine in Brazil. In September 2020, the location launched its Elite Drivers Program to enhance the skills of all contracted drivers who transport the mine’s bauxite.

Each driver undergoes a confidential assessment conducted by a licensed psychologist to evaluate his or her behavioral, psychological, technical and social skills within the work environment. Of particular focus are key characteristics of the desired driver profile—patience, good concentration, ability to work on a routine-based activity and a good energy level to maintain focus during a shift. Based on assessment results, a driver may receive training or other follow-up actions.

For the driving skills portion of the program, an external expert developed standard driving practices to be used throughout the mine. The expert also evaluates the skills of each driver and provides training on best practices, with a strong focus on avoiding vehicle collisions and rollovers.

The Elite Drivers Program is one of three pillars our Poços de Caldas location is using to address its transportation risk. The others are equipment (type and maintenance) and environment (road conditions, design, incline and more).