Community Advisory Board

We pride ourselves on our reputable approach to community engagement in Geelong.

In 2001, we established a Community Advisory Board (CAB) comprising local community members, industry neighbours, environment groups and the Environment Protection Authority. Since its inception, the CAB has helped us understand community concerns and expectations, identify opportunities and minimise potential impacts from our activities.

Since closing the Point Henry operations, the CAB has enabled two-way communication regarding the site’s decommissioning, environmental remediation and future land use.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings were replaced with regular published updates than can be access here.

Community engagement for Point Henry 575

Between December 2015 and September 2017, Alcoa undertook a broad process to develop the Point Henry 575 Concept Master Plan. In keeping with its long-term engagement with the Geelong community, Alcoa embedded community consultation in the master planning process.

During this period, Alcoa actively engaged with and informed the community through open houses, workshops, listening posts, briefings, advertising, media coverage and an online engagement platform.

Initial community engagement activities focused on creating a Shared Vision for Point Henry 575, and informed the development of the draft Concept Master Plan. Following the release of the draft Concept Master Plan, Alcoa provided further opportunities for the community and key stakeholders to view and provide feedback on the document ahead of its finalisation.

Using this feedback, Alcoa published the final Concept Master Plan in September 2017. This can be viewed here.

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