Our story so far

Alcoa Australia has been operating in the south-west of Western Australia since 1963.

Our two bauxite mines (Huntly and Willowdale) and our three alumina refineries (Kwinana, Pinjarra and Wagerup) are among the world’s best operations of their kind and add considerable value to the national, state and local economy.

Our WA operations produce nearly 50% of Australia’s alumina and directly employ some 4000 people. We value our place in the local communities where we operate and the value we add. In 2021, our WA operations:

  • Invested $1.7 billion with some 920 Western Australian suppliers
  • Paid $647 million in wages, salaries and associated benefits
  • Paid $108 million in WA state and local taxes and royalties
  • Made $4.4 million in community contributions

Find out more about our WA operations here.

Environmental performance

Inherent to our values is the protection of the environment and our commitment to the highest standards of performance.

We acknowledge and respect the privilege of operating in an area of Western Australia characterised by jarrah forest, native flora and fauna, and waterways.

Honing our scientific knowledge of the Jarrah Forest floor in the south-west corner of Western Australia for more than 50 years, we have acquired considerable expertise in operating sustainably and successfully in this unique ecosystem.

We have worked collaboratively on key research, with government to develop a comprehensive reserve system in the northern jarrah forest, and with other land users to ensure we can continue to sustainably and successfully coexist.

To date, we have cleared less than 4% of our bauxite mineral lease. Over the entire life of our operations, we expect to clear less than 8% of the mineral lease.

We do not mine in gazetted national parks, nature conservation reserves, old growth forest, or other areas of high conservation value.

Read more about our 2021 rehabilitation work here.


Mining footprint

  • <4% of our mineral lease cleared to date
  • <8% of our mineral lease expected to be cleared over the life of our operations

Environmental performance

  • 77% of cleared areas rehabilitated to date
  • First miner to achieve 100% plant species richness in rehabilitation