Environmental Assessment Project Update

A large body of work and engagement has been undertaken to inform preparation of the Environmental Review Document (ERD) for the project that will be assessed by the regulators and made available for public review.

As a result of this work and the feedback gathered, we have submitted several amendments to the regulators to address some of potential impacts identified.

Avoiding potential impacts from the outset

The following amendments to our proposal are currently being considered by the regulators.

Myara North Development Envelope
Reductions in the size of the mine area and the infrastructure corridor will result in a proposed decrease of 7,300 hectares.

Subject to approval, these changes include:

  • 950 hectare reduction in total clearing which will:
    • Create mining avoidance zones
    • Increase minimum distance between proposed operations and the Jarrahdale townsite from about 1.4km to 5.3km.
  • 3,599 hectare reduction in the total infrastructure corridor

Proposed Amendments to Myara North Development Envelope

Myara North DE Map

Holyoake Development Envelope

An amendment is also proposed for the Holyoake Development Envelope:

  • A 519 hectare parcel removed from the western end of the infrastructure corridor and the equivalent size parcel added further east. This will:
    • Reduce our footprint near the South Dandalup River
    • Move proposed mining infrastructure further away from Dwellingup and the reservoir

Bauxite export withdrawn
We have withdrawn the export of up to 2.5 Million tonnes per annum of bauxite from the assessment as it is no longer part of our business plans.

This decision means all bauxite mined will continue to be refined at our three WA refineries, supporting local jobs and economies.

Information about the Amendment can also be found here.

Proposed Amendments to Holyoake Development Envelope

Holyoake DE Map