Wagerup Alumina Refinery – Request for Section 46 Review of Conditions

In 2006 Alcoa received approval to expand refinery production to 4.7 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa). Commonly referred to as Wagerup 3, the proposed expansion has not yet proceeded.

As part of our continued efforts to improve operations and remain globally competitive we are currently evaluating the potential to undertake works to increase production at the refinery through an efficiency upgrade.

As part of the upgrade evaluation, Alcoa recently requested a review of the conditions associated with the existing approval for Wagerup (Ministerial Statements 728 and 1069) via a process administered by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). The process is known as a Section 46 (S46) Amendment of Implementation Conditions.

The changes Alcoa has requested reflect that we are now proposing to increase production at the refinery in smaller increments, rather than by executing one major project. The proposed changes maintain the intent of the original conditions approved.

Alcoa’s submission to the EPA and an overview of the submission are available below.