Shared Value Creation

Our sustainability strategy includes a goal to create value for the communities where we operate, stimulating economic activity to improve the quality of life for our employees and neighbors.

We do this by providing stable, fair-paying jobs, procuring goods and services from local suppliers when possible, paying income and other taxes, and investing in community infrastructure and initiatives. The value we create helps communities thrive and earns us our social license to operate in these communities.

Guiding our value-creation efforts with local and regional stakeholders are our Values, Ethics and Compliance Program, Human Rights Policy and Alcoa Stakeholder Engagement Framework. These are also the foundation of our efforts to provide our employees with the opportunity for a better quality of life and well-being, professional development opportunities and a safe work environment that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.

In 2021, we launched our comprehensive social performance management system (SPMS), called SP360, that we will implement across the business. SP360 will help us ensure that our policies and standards to support effective engagement with communities, manage our social risks and maintain our social license to operate are in place at all Alcoa- managed locations.

2021 Alcoa Economic Value

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2021 Alcoa Economic Value

Labor costs include compensation and benefits for employee services rendered plus employee expenses for external training, transfer and relocation, expatriate costs, workers’ compensation, travel, recognition and rewards, medical expenses, meals, recruitment, transportation, education, work clothes and other employee-related expenses. Income tax amounts are net of income tax refunds received and exclude various other taxes.
Australia Europe North America South America Total
Labor Costs
(US$ billions)
0.5 0.2 0.8 0.1 1.6
Procurement Spend
(US$ billions)
2.0 2.6 4.6 1.2 10.4
Income Taxes
(US$ millions)
105.4 26.6 16.5 25.2 173.7

2021 Alcoa Foundation Investments

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2021 Alcoa Foundation

Alcoa Foundation does not make in-kind contributions. Management overhead in 2021 was US$613,894. Although we increased our volunteer hours in 2021 compared to 2020, we did not yet reach pre-pandemic levels due to the remaining restrictions for interactions in different jurisdictions.
(Millions of U.S. dollars)
Volunteer Hours
Australia 1.3 4,000
Europe and Africa 2.0 500
North America 1.6 300
South America 1.0 900
Global Outreach 1.3 0
Total 7.2 5,700

Case Studies

    Alcoa volunteers take action to support gifted and talented students

    Learn how Alcoa partnered with CEDET to create an inclusive learning session featuring an online forum in Brazil and Portuguese sign language for gifted and talented students.

    Freshwater Reuse in Brazil

    Learn how the Alcoa Alumar smelter has reduced freshwater consumption and environmental impacts through reuse initiatives for themselves and Ambev, a local brewery.

    Sweet Introduction to World of Work

    Read about how Instituto Alcoa is training 250 young people in the world of baked goods and sweets through its My Opportunity to the World of Work program.

    It Is Okay to Not Be Okay

    Read about Alcoa's focus on mental health community resources and Australia's long-standing partnership with Youth Focus.

    Training Program Builds Elite Safety Technicians

    Discover how Alcoa is leveling up the knowledge from safety professionals across Alcoa's Brazil plants to help keep employees and contractors safe.

    Supporting LGBTQI Community with Pride

    Learn how Alcoa has supported LGBTQI workplace inclusion since 2021 and has been recognized as a Bronze Tier Employer and leading resources company by the Australian Workplace Equality Index.

    Smelter Leaves Smaller Waste Footprint

    Learn how Alcoa finds every opportunity to reduce, reuse and recycle, resulting in waste being diverted from landfills through a multi-year sustainability strategy.

    Turning Conflict into Collaboration in Guinea

    Learn how Alcoa Foundation has funded the Social Training for Guinea Professionals program through the non-profit, Earthworm Foundation, for over 40 students.