Stakeholder and Community Engagement

We work to maintain transparent and regular communications with our stakeholders to ensure a mutual understanding of issues, concerns and opportunities.

We define a stakeholder as any person or organization that directly impacts, or is impacted by, our activities. This includes stockholders, employees, customers, suppliers, government representatives and regulators, non-governmental organizations, local communities and the media.

Our stakeholder relationships are both formal and informal. With customers, suppliers, governments, employees and stockholders, we typically have formalized, contractual or even legally mandated channels for engagement. Our interaction with other stakeholders is typically less formalized but still requires deliberate attention on a regular basis.

Our locations use the Alcoa Stakeholder Engagement Framework to manage risks and opportunities associated with community rights and interests, as well as to obtain feedback from the communities where we operate. The framework provides a systematic process to ensure active interaction with our stakeholders to achieve mutual success.

To incorporate community rights and interests in our everyday activities in a systematic manner, we published the Alcoa Social Policy and updated our Indigenous Peoples Statement to an Indigenous Peoples Policy to enhance our commitment to this particular minority group.

As part of this framework, we gain an understanding of key community interests and priorities. Examples include:

  • Economic: Employment opportunities, fair wages and infrastructure development
  • Environment: Access to water, local air quality and waste management
  • Social and cultural: Education, healthcare and protection of sacred places

In 2022, we will continue the deployment of those policies through the implementation of SP360, which is our newly defined approach to social performance. SP360 is our management system, covering social performance, human rights, Indigenous and Land-Connected Peoples, and cultural heritage management. Our social performance is also guided by the ASI Performance Standard, which was developed by a multi-stakeholder group with broad representation of civil society and incorporates the practices of the ICMM 10 Principles and key International Financial Corporation Performance Standards. At the end of 2021, we had 15 operating locations certified to the ASI Performance Standard.

We also engage with stakeholders, primarily local communities and non-governmental organizations, through Alcoa Foundation globally and Instituto Alcoa in Brazil. The aim is to understand stakeholder needs and contribute to the social, economic and institutional development of our host communities.

Learn more, including the issues raised by stakeholders during 2021, in the full 2021 Alcoa Sustainability Report.

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