December 07, 2022

Plans in action to save our rivers

Peel-Harvey Catchment Council Checking River

Conducting surveys along the Murray River to inform the Bilya Maadjit Murray River Action Plan.

Funded by the Alcoa Foundation, the development of River Action Plans by the team at Peel-Harvey Catchment Council (PHCC) are key to helping the Serpentine and Murray rivers in Western Australia now and into the future.

The  Waangaamaap Bilya  Serpentine River Action Plan  was published in 2020 through the Connecting Corridors and Communities; Restoring the Serpentine River project. PHCC recently completed the  Bilya Maadjit  Murray River Action Plan  through the Healing Bilya-Restoring the Murray and Serpentine Rivers project.

The plans inform and prioritise on-ground actions and are a vital source of information for government departments and non-government organisations like PHCC when planning works along the river into the future.

Alcoa Foundation Australian Lead Suellen Jerrard said these river action plans provided a vital insight into the health of these important waterways.

“The Alcoa Foundation recognise these waterways are the Peel region’s environmental, economic, cultural and social lifeblood and the information gathered through these health assessments can drive targeted action to ensure they can continue to play that important role for future generations,” Suellen said.

“The Alcoa Foundation is proud to have played a key role in collecting this important snapshot and is keen to understand how it can support follow up work.”