June 19, 2023

Alcoa commits to no mining zone to protect environmental and social values around Dwellingup

Alcoa’s 8,344ha mining avoidance zone in and around Dwellingup.

Aluminium producer Alcoa has committed to not mine within an area more than four times the size of Rottnest Island in and around the Western Australian forest town of Dwellingup, enhancing protection of local environmental, lifestyle, ecotourism, and recreation values.

The company will not seek to mine within 3km, and in some instances more than 6km, of the Dwellingup town centre.

The 8,344ha no mining zone across Alcoa’s bauxite lease will connect with areas where future mining has already been ruled out by the company. Any potential future mining will predominantly be to the east and be subject to environmental review and approval.

Alcoa’s commitment not to mine in this area will help protect 5,000ha of forest and a combined 31km of the Bibbulmun walking track and Munda Biddi cycle trail near Dwellingup.

Alcoa Australia President Matt Reed said the company’s decision to establish the Dwellingup no mining zone followed extensive studies and consultation, and respected feedback about the area’s growing importance to not only the local community but the broader state and nation.

“We hope this decision provides greater certainty about our intentions in a prospective mineral area and demonstrates our willingness to protect important environmental and social values,” Mr Reed said.

“We respect the Dwellingup area has immense lifestyle, ecotourism and forest recreational values that people want to continue to enjoy now and into the future.

“We have worked closely with the Shire of Murray and other stakeholders in reaching this decision, and we believe this commitment will provide certainty to the community for the future.”

Alcoa also recently committed to not mine within 5km of Jarrahdale, another Western Australia forest town about 60km north of Dwellingup. It has also withdrawn plans to export bauxite reaffirming its commitment to process all the ore it mines in WA at its three local alumina refineries.

In addition, Alcoa has a long running commitment to not mine old growth forest, national parks, and areas of high conservation value. Private property is excluded from Alcoa’s mining operations.

Mr Reed said Alcoa was focused on its two bauxite mines and three alumina refineries in Western Australia continuing to add value to the state and local communities and meeting government and community expectations.

There is no immediate financial impact from the Dwellingup no mining commitment required to be recognised in Alcoa Corporation's financial statements.